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What divides us...

Submitted by Simon on Fri, 05/30/2008 - 10:17am


As I have traveled this country, I've been impressed not by what divides us, but by all that that unites us. That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger's divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn't reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause."

It's true that despite the "two Americas" rhetoric, there is much more that unites than divides us; it is entirely true that the vast majority of Americans want America to come together in common cause. The only things that divide us in this regard are such trifles are what that cause should be and how to prosecute it. But why speak of such matters; let us come together behind The Leader, for he shall unite us in the common cause he hath chosen for us!

More and more watching him over the last year, one gets the sense that Obama so in love with the idea that we have much in common as a nation, that he may be incapable of moving from that truism to the fact that just because it is true, it does not mean that the things that divide us are minor or that all disagreements are tractable.

Added: One of the things that doesn't divide us is race, but Bill Cohen and his wife have a doozy of an op/ed on Ascribing to Tocqueville the claim that racial prejudice is immmovable, the Cohens write that Obama's presidential run "challeng[es] DeTocqueville's bleak assessment of the human heart. It remains unclear whether the Illinois senator is on a hopeless mission, or whether the American people will decide to make history by breaking with it." The already-apparent subtext of the fall campaign is rarely put so explicitly: America will elect Senator Obama as President, or it will demonstrate how hopelessly racist it remains by not voting for him. Those are the options; that is the spin. This election season is going to be insufferable.

"[M]ostly it seems to be about him, his sense of destiny, and his appreciation of his own particular gifts" (collecting posts)

A truism alone for Obama is like a glass without the water

A truism alone for Obama is like a glass without the water. Wright and Pfleger took little Obama under their wings and advanced him up the political ladder. Thus Wright is lying when he says he is just a preacher and won?t talk politics. NRO has a great article on the history of Obama, Wright and Pfleger. Obama's coming out appearance at Trinity was on the cover of their paper called Triumph and had inside its pages Wright and Pfleger outlining their Left Wing views. Did Obama read the paper he was featured in? How is this not an endorsement?

The point is that these two political preachers have been talking politics for decades and represent one side of the "divided" America. Their rhetoric is partly why the divide grows, not decreases. They have said they have always loved Obama dearly and saw in him long ago the political potential of their ideology. Is this really a matter that is disputed? Now Obama's two most lauded mentors are making complete asses out of themselves, unable to shut up even if it means damaging their dear friend Obama. As I said in another thread, Obama supporters are McCains's best PR. They cannot control themselves nor can they refrain from exposing the ideology that Obama teamed up with long ago to build his career. Weekly stupidity from Obama world is partly what Hillary was talking about when she mentioned the RFK assassination. Obama is likely metaphorically to shoot himself by the end of July. This is all the consequence of sporting the truism above while having a lifetime association with the Far Left, rather than centrists or others on the other side of the divide. A good case of not practicing what you preach.

As to Simon's point, the above shows the irony in Obama's "truism", or should I say duplicity. While he talks of bipartisan yearning, his history and record show an imbalanced leaning to one side of the divide. This inclination and continual concealment of it make Obama LESS likely to unite the country than a Hillary or McCain.

Not true say Obama supporters. If Hillary "steals" the nomination, they will trash the Democratic Party for years and vote Obama anyway. If McCain wins, then Americans are a bunch of racists and Obama supporters may even riot. This sentiment from the Obama side reflects that many of them are clueless over the Obama truism Simon posted above. Or perhaps such a truism is another Obama ploy to hide his ideological mindset and associations because the last thing this points to is to unite the nation through compromise. As Obama said just months ago, an Obama lead Democratic party will defeat Republican opposition like "breaking down the doors of segregation". As in most things Obama, he talks with a forked tongue. Obama/We will change America into his progressive vision of it and Obama/We will unite the country in our common ground.

We will stand up to our adversaries; we will chat with our adversaries.

We will repair and improve our defense, we will cut defense spending.

We will increase capital gains tax, we will increase federal revenue.

We will lower the cost of gas, we will create alternative energy.

I am a Liberal centrist, my mentors were P and W, my backers A and R, my advisors Z, McP, P, M, R

That?s the ying and yang of it.

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