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Someone used some really poor decision making....

Submitted by Tully on Wed, 05/28/2008 - 4:52pm

Officers: Memorial Used As Porta-Potty Pit Stop At Obama Rally

Brennan, who controlled the crowd near the Portland Police Memorial, noticed several Porta Potties set up in the middle of the memorial. Brennan had been at the site five days earlier for an annual memorial service and a flag was still set at half mast on the day of the rally.

"There was plenty of room elsewhere so space wasn't an issue," Brennan said. "So someone used some really poor decision making, whoever elected to put them there. I mean, it's somewhat hallowed ground...

Video here.


This could be a great chance for public relations if the Obama campaign acknowledges an oopsie. People know mistakes happen. But the more he ignores this, the more some people in Portland will think - fairly or unfairly - that he is arrogant.
Forgive me if I myself have Obama-itis. These little things from the "sweetie" issue (him avoiding answering the question concerning Michigan auto workers) to Portland Potty-gate, the more people will see him as elitist and risk voting for another Republican.

With very little federal experience compared to his rival, Obama has got to prove he is an effective leader. One way to do that is reacting to (legitimate, tv newsworthy) concerns can help stem the idea of elitism.


I don't put bumperstickers on my car for the same reason I don't sell advertising space on my pants? James Lileks

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