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Next meme on the chopping block: Palin doesn't do interviews

Submitted by Simon on Sun, 09/07/2008 - 3:53pm

Hasn't yet. Has before:

Then there's this interview from March (HT: Peter Hoh). Then there's this 84 minute debate from 2006 (HT: Beldar). Then there's Maria Bartiromo's interview with Palin. When the press whines that Palin hasn't done interviews since her nomination, maybe they should consider that their own behavior since her nomination might have something to do with it.

Compare and contrast with

Compare and contrast with Obama's dodging interviews all summer, or only granting softball interviews with pre-cleared questions. He only grants open access when the polling numbers slip.

Disgraceful. The woman wants

Disgraceful. The woman wants to be Vice President--she should give interviews. Hopefully the press will do its job and keep digging into her actual experience, or lack thereof.

I see you haven't kept up

I see you haven't kept up with current events, Justin. What say you about Obama refusing to attend all those debates this summer, that he initially said he'd welcome?

Personally I think they were waiting to find someone to interview who hadn't already thoroughly embarrased themselves pimping out false trash reports about her, and the search took a while. :-)

Seems also that Gibson was leading the pack in implying that a failure to interview on demand was a problem--at the very same time they were settling the details of HIS interview. My my.

Let me predict Justin's

Let me predict Justin's response, Tully: "But Obama has been thoroughly vetted by the American people during the time he's been running for President! He's already answered questions!" That seems to be the pre-programmed "rebuttal" point on the left.

"When someone says their heart needs lifting, don't ask how come, ask how high."

Dead on Simon(-;. Obama has

Dead on Simon(-;. Obama has been subject to intense scrutiny and questioning over the past 18 or so months. Other than Eagleton, is there any precedent for a VP pick not taking questions from the press for this long? Yes, every politician will push off the press sometimes, as Obama has. But the point is that Obama has been subject to scrutiny and tough questioning. Now, politically, keeping Palin away from the press as long as possible may be a smart move, and it's too soon for me to tell, and if the Palin bounce holds, it looks I was wrong about this being a bad pick politically.

In any event, I'm very amused by the Republican turn-around on experience. Palin is the Republican's 2004 post-convention Obama (a promising superstar who we know nothing about). Now she is close to becoming a hear-beat away from the Presidency, and I find it amusing that the usual suspects who blasted Obama for being an empty suit are fawning over Palin. I get the partisan motives behind it, but I sometimes wonder if people actually believe the hype.

I mean seriously, is there any evidence that Palin has ever seriously thought about national sercurity? Economics? I'll eagerly be waiting for Simon to blast Palin for being an empty suit (skirt) if she actually isn't able to demonstrate a serious grasp of the issues.

Justin, Newt has a message

Justin, Newt has a message for you. "Baloney" is his term for your talking point and that's generous.

"When someone says their heart needs lifting, don't ask how come, ask how high."

I also see he didn't answer

I also see he didn't answer the question, Simon, preferring to go with the runaway bone you tossed him. Why, you'd think he was trying to change the subject, eh?

Obama has been subject to intense scrutiny and questioning over the past 18 or so months.

Yet he hasn't really answered the questions, reserving himself for friendly softball venues, and as previously noted has himself been notably dodging unscripted encounters with the press. And Palin has certainly been subject to intense scrutiny and questioning as well. It would take months of her dodging unscripted encounters to pull up with Obama's tap-dancing, yet she's giving Gibson two days worth.

And in any case, that the MSM was so self-absorbed in its own brilliance that it failed to interview and vet a leading contender for the slot is hardly Palin's fault. There's a heavy odor of "Look what you made me not do!" coming from the press on this.

bottom line

The bottom line is she needs to show that she can hold her own against media barracudas. If she refuses interviews, that's something of a story, irrespective of what Obama's doing. But only until she delivers them on her own terms, and then the huffing and puffing evaporates

Comparatively speaking, Palin is an unknown quantity to the public. She has to find ways for as many folks as possible to get acquainted with her. Should she give in and let the media rake her over the coals and pick her bones? Of course not.

How it works these days is that "in-demand" celebrities get to dictate terms and name their price. Barbara Walters honed media arse-kissing for the sake of delivering the exclusive to a fine art. That's just the way it is nowadays.__________
I have often said, and oftener think, that this world is a comedy for those who think, and a tragedy for those who feel. -Horace Walpole

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