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More on '08: Newt talks to Fortune, NRO talks up Rudy

Submitted by Simon on Tue, 11/21/2006 - 8:33pm

Newt talks to Fortune, about 2008. Jonah Goldberg comments here, Dan McLaughlin weighs it up here, concluding that "Newt's name recognition guarantees that if no standard-bearer emerges to unite the GOP's Right, he can stay in the race as long as it takes to force the eventual frontrunner to deal with his ideas." What was it that was on Fox Mulder's poster? "I want to believe"?

Meanwhile, Rich Lowry and Derb talk about Rudy's strengths.

Look, I feel like I'm in danger of turning into a Reece's commercial, here (or at least, a broken record), but there's an obvious solution.

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