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Catching Up To The Curve

Submitted by Tully on Mon, 06/02/2008 - 7:06am

Hail Hillary
Power awaits Mrs Clinton - just not in the White House

Tomorrow, a senior Democrat whip on Capitol Hill is expected to endorse Mr Obama. A flood of super-delegates should follow (see page 32). Mrs Clinton knows what is coming. So where will she go? She could lobby to share the Obama ticket, but would not be best used there. She could bake cookies, but she won't. Her destiny, instead, is to lead the Democratic majority in the Senate. As Lyndon Johnson proved, the Senate majority leader can make or break a president's legislative programme. In his post, Mrs Clinton would be the most powerful woman in US history - and, as either a President Obama or a President McCain could sooner or later find, the most powerful politician in Washington.

It's deal-cutting time, and the first offers and trial balloons have already been floated. Of course there's no guarantee that Senator Clinton will get the post, but the logical reasoning indicating that the post has been one of the potentials that has kept her fighting these last several weeks is not exactly new. Except to the media, of course.

It's interesting that the trial balloons are coming via the British media. Why, one would almost think there was some kind of paralysis or bias in the American media that prevented them from grasping the obvious.

I'll believe it when I see it.

These articles (to me) are just wishes. When Hil comes and announces her departure, I'll believe it.

Man, it seems like everyone wants O to be the candidate,

Dems want O to secure the black vote (at the expense of everyone else)

Reps want O because they think they 1) beat him ala McGovern or 2)he will suck so bad as President that people will be clamoring for a Republican comeback in 2010*

*which I think is very likely, as people in general do not like a one way government. Look at 1994.


I brew the beer I drink

Rachel, is your tag for

Rachel, is your tag for real? Mmmm, wort....


In fact, we (my fiancee and I) just bottled an ale this past Saturday. "American Pie Cream Ale" - no jokes please
And I even have the bumper sticker on my car.


I brew the beer I drink...really

Pardon my drool, I haven't

Pardon my drool, I haven't had the time to brew and bottle since the kids were born. Cream Ale good....Mongo like! And the government won't let me distill my own spirits. I have a wonderful patch of elderberries, we make wine when we remember to get them picked in that two-day window that they're right for it.

Lucky for me America re-discovered REAL beer before I died of thirst.

Behold the Excaliber

If Hillary could, she would probably go for exactly the spot mentioned. Two women in charge of Congress with Obama in between (should he win). Obama would be coming into the WH with a lot of issues on his back. Stumbles might easily give the Senate back to the Republicans in 2010. That may even strengthen Hillary's hand. If Obama loses in November, it will be interesting how Pelosi and Hillary react to McCain. Pelosi will be the ideological dog, but Hillary, the obvious deal maker. Still, I am not sure Pelosi or Obama want Hillary to hold such power in the Senate which is why they will probably give her some cabinet position. She should turn it down and go for exactly what Tully suggests.

I think Rachel is accurate. Yep, both sides of the spectrum want Obama, but for different reasons. It is so odd hearing the Obama camp make mockery of the attention on Trinity because "there are so many real issues like the economy and Iraq" to worry about. Well, if those are Obama's strong suits, maybe McCain can pull this out. There are many Hillary supporters who will be angry long after November. Not only did the Clintons get screwed with help from the DNC and media, but the idea that the Obama Far Left crowd is leading the Party is a bit too much for them to stomach. When "talking" fails, a President Obama is going to get slammed by everyone but his dwindling base. There will Edwards instead of the steady RFK? Expect a Kennedy funeral to be the re-birth of the media launched Camelot with Jackie spinning in her grave.

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