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Submitted by Simon on Mon, 04/28/2008 - 7:46am

POST LIKE GLENN REYNOLDS DAY. They clearly think it's a criticism, but can it be done with a positive spin? I guess!

off subject

Figured we'd have a big Nino post from you today, Simon- following your man's big 60 Minutes expose. Thought he fared well. You?

Can't post like Glenn

Can't post like Glenn Reynolds unless we turn comments off. Heh.

Obviously I don't always see eye to "unsleeping eye" with

Reynolds, but I have to say I kind of like his brisk and rapid delivery. It does make linking to him easier. I do think he should consider comments, although I suspect that might slow him down.

"In the world you will find tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world."

John 16:33

Kreiz, the problem I had in

Kreiz, the problem I had in trying to write a post was that there really wasn't anything new for people who already know him and his work fairly well. Even the "gotcha" question on his letter to Harry Blackmun is old news. Now, I know not all our readers follow Scalia quite so closely, and so some of it might be new information, but sometimes it's difficult to frame a post which will be new information to readers but that seems old news to me. :) That said, I agree with you - it was very nice, and I thought he presented himself well (or rather, 60m permitted him to present himself well). And I loved that they included Ginsburg to serve as a sort of defense witness. There were things I'd liked to have seen covered; I thought his reply on the torture question missed the mark in terms of how the point was presented (I know what he's getting at, but I don't know whether it was conveyed to average viewers); and I think he does himself no favors in how he talks about Bush v. Gore (in that prickliness is not interpreted as the boredom with the question that I think motivates it, but rather, as defensiveness, which plays into his critics' hands); but overall, very nice. Nice job.

Well said. No, there really

Well said. No, there really was nothing new. If anything, it revealed how little people understand about the nuance of Scalia's thought. Agree on the fruitlessness of commenting on Bush v. Gore. Nevertheless, his inate charm was apparent. (Ginsburg as a defense witness- LOL.) Have to admit that I liked it when he sauntered through his old school and report cards. Corny but cool. Btw, get to see Justice Roberts Wednesday in Lawrence- home of the national men's basketball team. (Kansas plugs always appreciated).

on further review...

Just watched selected portions of Scalia on Bush v. Gore. You're correct that Scalia's charm offensive waned significantly on this subject, and was replaced by a more combative, in-your-face style. He's been dismissive of Bush v. Gore critics in the past, but as a practical matter, it's difficult to defend the decision as anything other than political when the decision is limited to the facts of the case and carries no precedential value.

A couple of thoughts on post like Glenn day...

Having skimmed Acephalous' blog for the first time just now, I'm not sure he's in a position to be safely throwing stones at the blog styles of others.

On a serious note, he seems to be saying that either that all bloggers should write like him or, perhaps, that all people should think like him, or at least that their failure to do so is, itself, worthy of criticism.

I would certainly not want all blogs to read like Glenn's. But we need a few blogs like his, too (just as we need the Drudge Report, an even more widely-read, less thoughtful collection of links than Glenn's), to help us find things we might be interested in. Then the rest of us bloggers can take the info that Glenn pointed us to and ruminate and contemplate and navel gaze to our heart's content in a style which Acephalous finds more appropriate.

P.S. He's mostly joking, I think, with his first two points, but to call Glenn Reynolds lazy is just ignorant.


I didn't call Reynolds lazy. I called myself lazy.

On a serious note, he seems to be saying that either that all bloggers should write like him or, perhaps, that all people should think like him, or at least that their failure to do so is, itself, worthy of criticism.

I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. Seriously, when I say "I think too much," I don't mean that in a self-aggrandizing way. That's why I highlight the fact that for all my thinking, I don't come up with thoughts anyone would characterize as insightful. To put it another way: I'm the guy who thinks he can dig his way out of prison by banging his head against his bunk.

Hi, Scott...

Thanks for stopping by! Whatever else, you certainly got some folks on the internet talking today... and about something else besides Jeremiah Wright, a notable accomplishment on this day!

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