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Circus Week Short Takes: Day 2

We DO haz circus!

As the DNC stumbles into Day 2, the circus seems mostly to be about the convention itself, and not so much about the clown parade outside. The protester numbers predicted by such radical organizers as Recreate '68 and Tent State University just don't seem to even remotely match projections, and despite some minor skirmishing the street scene's been fairly sedate, apart from one middlin' anarchist incident. (See Zombie, below.)Busy busy!

I attribute the low circus-clown turnout to some impeccable scheduling by the DNC, which put the Denver convention up against Burning Man. Given the choice between "speaking truth to power" and spending time in DENTMO, or getting wasted and cavorting nekkid in the desert dust and sunshine (very potentially NSFW) or following Phish around the country, well, except for a few overgrown and undermatured Lisa Simpsons, wasted nekkid cavorting and Phish-chasing walk away with the big prizes.

Still, Phish is on tour and will be in Boulder on Friday night after some shows out much farther west. Maybe things will pick up for the weekend.

Nor has anyone other than journalists, wingnuts, and us political wonks shown much interest in the convention proceedings themselves, with viewership ratings at all-time lows. But for those of us who do enjoy political circus, there's still a lot of acts running and much to watch, so here's your preliminary Day Two linkages.

Live from DNC: It’s Zombietime! (Day 2)

Zombie's photo coverage of the circus clowns that did show up, and good stuff it is! He managed to find the action, and got (accidentally) pepper-sprayed for his efforts, as well as corraled up into a confined mob by the police, where everyone was held for a few hours before being released. Along the way he caught a photo of one of the muuch-discussed bags of urine stockpiled by some clowns.

47% of Democratic Women say Hillary Should be on the Ticket

There seem to be a LOT more disaffected Hillary supporters out there than the Obamites and left-wingnuts want to admit to.

Clinton faces new GOP attacks ahead of her speech

I love the diversionary MSM framing on that one...the attacks aren't on Hillary, they're attacks on Obama using Hillary's own Obama-attacks from the primaries! Amusing.

Obama seeks to silence ad tying him to 60s radical

Here we have the Obama campaign demonstrating their candidate's dedication to the First Amendment.

Obama, Clinton camps working on hotel roll-call vote

Once again, a somewhat misleading headline. Clinton die-hards are refusing to go along with the plan that the Obama camp is trying to foist on them through Clinton delegates that have been converted to Obama. Since most of the converts have already left the Clinton camp and plan to cast their votes for Obama, the headline is less than accurate. They're trying to cover their butts and not have to publicly declare against the candidate they're sworn to--Clinton.

Clinton delegate: 'Uncle Tom' is what Senate president said

Woman Clinton delegate called names for continuing to support Hillary. And the Cannibal Feast continues!

Angry Democrats Distracted DNC Attendees in Denver:
Obama Maintains the Clintons Are Sincere in Their Support

Yeah, can't you almost taste the sincerity?

Anatomy of a Subplot

Clinton left it to the Obama camp to spin the angle that she was not vetted because she did not want to produce documents without a guarantee of serious consideration...Whatever the cause, the appearance of Clinton getting dissed by Obama opened Pandora's Box for her enthusiasts.

Passive-aggressive sabotage. Well, it's not as if they weren't warned. (Don't make me say it, folks...;-D )

Entitled To Your Support

At TalkLeft, Big Tent Democrat has some sage advice for those leftwingers who've decided that Hillary Democrats should STFU and support wholeheartedly Obama or else. The advice, while sound, is at least two months too late and will be ignored.

Gallup Daily: No Bounce for Obama in Post-Biden Tracking

Obama down three points, McCain moves slightly ahead. I'd say that kills the entire concept of a Biden Bounce.

Pelosi to protesters: "Can we drill your brains?"

That one amusingly comes to us from The Crypt. Well, we DID lead off with Zombie!

Brains! BRAINS!!!!

Lastly, I am saddened to report a complete lack of Pony Sightings.

UPDATE: OMG, how did I miss the Pajamas Media video of the swarming of Michelle Malkin by rage-crazed death-threatening-delusional barking anarchist moonbats during the attempted leftie mind-levitation of the Denver Mint? Enjoy.


Not Even Subtle

Jennifer Rubin gets it.

Warner's bipartisan tone could rankle Democrats

Mixed messages aren't helping them.

What's The Deal? (Update)

No guidance from Clinton

Speaking to reporters after her address to the New York delegation, Clinton offered delegates no instruction on how to cast their votes, Amie Parnes reports.

"I will be telling my delegates that I will vote for Barack Obama," she said. "How they vote is a more personal decision. They want to have their chance to vote for me. That is what traditionally happens ... some people are having to make up their minds because there are arguments pulling them both ways."

Well, that's some rousing support. Seems to contradict the previous reports. The MSM seems to be in "guess and pray" mode.

But her decision not to decide puts others in a tough position, torn between their loyalty to her and their eye to the future.

And counting those noses might be exactly the point. Remove that delegate release and endorsement to same from the mix, and the calculus alters, leaving the appearance of Clinton still bulldozing her will onto the convention floor in various ways. Stay tuned....

Previous: What's The Deal?

UPDATE: Anatomy of a Subplot

With more than enough to fuel the storyline about a rift between Barack Obama and the Clintons on the convention's opening day, the media frenzy is on.

Polls showing restlessness among Clinton voters. Behind-the-scenes reports of arguments about the theme of Bill Clinton's speech later this week. A Wisconsin Clinton delegate endorsing John McCain in a television advertisement. And more.

Every ounce of flesh, and then some.

Circus Week Short Takes

I'm just too busy and there's just too much going on this Circus Week to keep up with it all, so here's some linkages for fueling your own mileage.

Live from DNC: It’s Zombietime! (Day 1)
Busy busy!

Pajamas Media and LGF have teamed up to send protest photographer and documentarist Zombie to Denver! ENJOY.

Did a Union Doublecross Its College Activists?

Union cuts deals with employers by promising union peace in exchange for allowing selective unionizations. Anything to keep the money coming in for the union, I guess.

Democrats Rally Against the Teachers' Unions!

Kaus reports some surprising reactions from Democrats. (I've scoffed at Obama's education "policy" where it calls for merit pay and such, because it runs head-on into the teacher's unions.)


Mark Kilmer at finds footage suggesting that the protesters are really just expressing their frustrated carnal affections for Fox News. At least, that was the only coherent expression to be gotten from that segment of the march.

Protesters: We're being treated like prisoners

Actually they're being treated like cattle, as I predicted. Gather 'round like cattle and ye shall be herd! (After viewing the Day One pics, I'd suggest the standard practice of hosing down the corral with a disinfectant/insecticide solution on a daily basis is advisable.)

Rain washes out 'car free' day in Seattle

Rain. In Seattle. What a surprise. Not as big a surprise as some residents got when their cars were towed away from in front of their houses to make the streets in their quiet residential neighborhood all pretty and auto-free. There's a revenue-raiser even easier than quick-timed red-light cameras. Just find a street with cars legally parked and walk through it at night planting signs saying "Tow-Away Zone," with the wrecker squad following you. Isn't PC liberalism wonderful?

Pelosi sees Dems' convention opening new era

Drawn by Obama's inspirational message of change and committed to moving our nation in a new direction, these Americans will take time off from work and family, and often spend their own money to travel to Colorado for this historic convention. In so doing, we will help write the next great chapter in our nation's history.

Because Democrats spending their own money is so rare as to be especially noteworthy and praiseworthy, Nancy? Who's paying for everyone else's travel to Denver for the convention?

What's The Deal?

The portents tea leaves entrails signals are indicating that some accomodation has been reached between the Obama and Clinton camps.

Dems give Michigan and Florida full voting rights

Clinton expected to release delegates Wednesday

I'm sure none of the below had anything to do with it.

CNN poll: Post-Biden poll shows dead heat

Tensions boil between Obama-Clinton camps

Poll: More than half of Clinton backers still not sold on Obama

Wonder what the price is/was.

The Circus Begins, With Traditional Opening Parade!

Anti-war protesters marching to Pepsi Center

Over a thousand protesters marched to the gates of the Pepsi Center today, temporarily closing down access to the site of the Democratic National Convention. Protesters from the Recreate 68 anti-war rally and march briefly sat down, but dispersed peacefully when police asked them to disband. There were no arrests.

Still living in the past...

Police officers, some on mountain bikes, escorted hundreds of war protesters from the steps of the Capitol down Colfax Avenue and Speer Boulevard to the Pepsi Center.

"No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA," is one chant the marchers used to propel themselves to the Pepsi Center.

..."Denver has partnered with the Democrats to create a fascist police state," [said speaker Cindy Sheehan]. "Now we have free speech in cages. We are not animals*."

As usual, the traditional parade is led by the clowns.

Gateway Pundit has a few pics of the protest march. I particularly like the "Riot 4 Peace" sign.

[*--OK, I'll bite! Minerals or vegetables?]

Just A Coincidence, I'm Sure

It's a pay-to-play game, Mr. Obama....

At Rally, Finding Clinton’s Aid to Obama Too Tepid

Minutes after pushing through the rope line to thank Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for “all that you do,” Robin Shaffer said she was worried. She feared that the senator she respected and admired for being tough and experienced had not done all that she could to unify Florida’s fractured Democratic Party while campaigning here on Thursday for her former opponent.

....Guy Montes, 63, a retired shift manager for United Airlines and a Clinton supporter in the primary, said later that Mrs. Clinton’s heart did not seem to be in it.

“It was a platonic type of endorsement,” Mr. Montes said. “It wasn’t real love. She’s just doing what she’s supposed to be doing.”

Disclosure reports show Clinton still deeply in debt

According to an FEC report filed Wednesday, Clinton’s debt as of the end of July stood at just under $24 million — a decrease of only $1.2 million since the end of June. More than $13 million of that total is owed to the New York senator herself, while close to $11 million is owed to individual vendors. Clinton has suggested she is not seeking to pay back the money she owes herself.

I'm sure there's no relation between the two items. Oh, wait, I predicted that Hillary's support would be somewhat dependent on Obama's getting her campaign debt covered, didn't I?

Still, I'm sure it's just a coincidence...

And It's All FREE!!!!

About those "free" seats at Invesco Field in Denver for the Obama convention speech...the special ones are actually extra. A lot extra.

I'd have to decline myself, as I already spent all my money on a shot at the Hillary Clinton Happy Meal® pre-speech dinner.

Fine Young Cannibals: The Saga Continues

Democratic delegates reveal 'thug tactics' by Hillary supporters

A massive e-mail and Internet campaign is under way aimed at derailing the nomination of Barack Obama and making Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party’s standard bearer next week at the national convention in Denver.

...Millstone was informed earlier this month by the political director of the Colorado Democratic Party, William Compton, that a complaint had been filed against her seeking to disqualify her as a delegate for her “disparaging public remarks” about Obama.

In a PUMA (which stands for “party unity my ass” to some but for the official organization it stands for People United Means Action) statement sent to Lowery last Friday, the group wrote that it was "ashamed of the strong-arming, political threats and thinly-veiled 'suggestions' that have been sent to Democratic delegates and superdelegates’ during this primary season. These ‘thug’ tactics appear to be increasing as Senator Obama begins the downward slide in the polls and Senator Clinton’s support grows."

Maybe they're talking about stuff like this, though more likely they mean stuff like this. Or both.

Bloggers in the News

LA Weekly profiles one of my favorite denizens of the blogosphere, the inestimable Juliette Ochieng.

Obama vs. Baldilocks

Description of picture

Los Angeles blogger Juliette Ochieng has a lot in common with the man who might be the next president, Barack Obama. A lot.Both were born to Kenyan fathers of the same tribe (the Luo) from the same province (Nyanza), and both as boys came to America aboard the same airplane. Growing up, neither Ochieng nor Obama knew their fathers, who both abandoned their American mothers and left their American-born children behind. Both returned to Africa in the early 1960s and became friends, bonding at Kenyan bars over their favorite drink — Scotch. Both Ochieng's and Obama's mothers contracted ovarian cancer. (Hers survived it; his did not).

Both Ochieng and Obama were born in the U.S. in August 1961 — only weeks apart.But for someone with parallel beginnings, Juliette Akinyi Ochieng is quite different: Evangelical Christian. Working class. Military veteran. Pro-life. Conservative Republican. Ochieng went to Los Angeles City College, not Harvard. Although she was born in Chicago — Obama's political birthplace — she lives in South-Central Los Angeles, where she grew up. And since 2003, she has written a blog...

Which worthy blog you can find at the head of our blogroll list. Read the whole thing. And toss a few bucks at a worthy cause while you're at it, because some promises really should be kept even if the one who made them reneges.

Stephanie Tubbs Jones, RIP

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) has died unexpectedly, apparently of a massive brain aneurysm. She was is 58.

In 1998, Tubbs Jones became the first African-American woman to be elected to the House from Ohio. A lifelong resident of the 11th District, Tubbs Jones was a graduate of Cleveland Public Schools, and went on to receive her undergraduate degree from Case Western Reserve University, graduating with a degree in Social Work from the Flora Mather College in 1971. She received her Juris Doctorate form Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 1974.

Prior to her election to the House, Tubbs Jones served as the first African-American and the first female Cuyahoga County, Ohio Prosecutor. She was the first African-American woman to sit on the Common Pleas bench in the State of Ohio and was a Municipal Court Judge in the City of Cleveland.

A remarkable woman in many ways, regardless of what one might think of her politics. My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

Best of the Web says:

In a way, she died as she lived--not surrendering until she absolutely had to, not even a few hours too soon.

UPDATE: Media reports wrong, Tubbs Jones is in critical condition but has not died as time of posting. My thoughts and prayers still go out to her family and friends, and for her recovery.

UPDATE 2, by Pat: Sadly, Rep. Tubbs Jones did indeed pass away at 6:12pm this evening, according to a statement released by the hospital. It is unfortunate that the media prematurely reported her as having died based on anonymous sources from her party. No ill will intended by anybody, certainly, just old-fashioned miscommunications, and people talking without verifying the information from original sources. Our thoughts and prayers remain with her family and friends.

Post re-amended to reflect current events.

Dear John...

Dear John,

Please forgive the familiarity of addressing you by your first name, despite not having gotten to know you nearly well enough through your own recent outreach efforts to completely justify same. Still, having read your book I feel it's not completely unwarranted.

There is a rumor floating about that you are considering Senator Joe Leiberman as your running mate. While many (including myself) would celebrate such a move for its centrism and inclusiveness and refreshing REAL change in a hidebound system, it would for many reasons be highly unlikely to improve your electoral chances in November. Accordingly, although I respect the hell out of Joe Leiberman for his steadfast principles (if not remotely all of his issue positions) I must urge you to avoid that choice.

Besides, I hear he's a prick.



God Bless AP... the person of AP national political journalist Nedra Prickler Pickler, who gives us the following graf on the pending Veepstakes:

[McCain's] top contenders are said to include Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Less traditional choices mentioned include former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, an abortion-rights supporter, and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Democratic vice presidential prick in 2000 who now is an independent.

No, really!

We're all anxious to see who the Vice Presidential pricks will be this year. :-)

(Yes, I archived a copy. This is too good to let vanish down the memory hole.)

UPDATE: The "typo" has now vanished from later releases of the story. No word on if an actual correction was issued, though it would certainly make fun reading if anyone finds it.

Dear Obama...

Dear Barack,

I hope you don't mind the familiarity of addressing you by your first name, but as you always use mine in those frequent emails you send me begging for money, I feel comfortable that I am not violating any rules of etiqutte.

I know that you have no reason to take my advice in this matter, but feel compelled to offer it in your best long-term interests. Yes, I ended up caucusing for you, but that was sheerly accidental due to the swarms overrunning the observer station that snowy February eve. Truly, I wanted to give you your fair shake, even braved blizzards and risked life and limb for just that purpose. But you didn't meet my criteria, and I'm not on your side at this point. Still, I retain the core trappings of humanity and sympathy, and sincerely wish to save you from a mistake that would haunt you the rest of your life.

My advice is simple: DON'T LISTEN TO RALPH NADER!

That's it. All. I know you have no reason to trust me, but I am honestly speaking in what I consider to be your best interests.



Clean Energy Not So Clean

In Rural New York, Windmills Can Bring Whiff of Corruption

Dozens of people in their small town had already signed lease options that would allow wind towers on their properties.What goes around... Two Burke Town Board members had signed private leases even as they negotiated with the companies to establish a zoning law to permit the towers. A third board member, the Tacys said, bragged about the commissions he would earn by selling concrete to build tower bases. And, the Tacys said, when they showed up at a Town Board meeting to complain, they were told to get lost.

...Lured by state subsidies and buoyed by high oil prices, the wind industry has arrived in force in upstate New York, promising to bring jobs, tax revenue and cutting-edge energy to the long-struggling region. But in town after town, some residents say, the companies have delivered something else: an epidemic of corruption and intimidation, as they rush to acquire enough land to make the wind farms a reality.

The song remains the same.

Gomorrah By The Bay

Pimps, Pedophiles: Welcome to S.F.

A quick reading of the measure that will go before San Francisco voters in November to decriminalize prostitution easily could leave you with the misimpression that the measure is an exercise in fairness that demands that prosecutors go after men who abuse prostitutes and implement policies "to reduce institutional violence and discrimination against prostitutes." A careful reading of the initiative, "Enforcement of Laws Related to Prostitution and Sex Workers," however, shows a measure that shields child prostitution and traffickers of human beings.

Open up that Golden gate....

"If I had just heard from the proponents, I would probably vote for it myself," said the Rev. Glenda Hope, whose San Francisco Network Ministries helped found the Tenderloin AIDS Resource, in the mistaken belief the measure is meant "to protect women." But as the executive director of SafeHouse, a residential center that helps women get off the streets, Hope knows too much.

...The other big problem: The measure prohibits city law enforcement from applying for grants to prosecute human traffickers. That's right, this measure gives a free pass to the human sex-slave trade -- in a city that is a central stop for international sex-trade rings.

A proponent of the measure told Fox News that she believes that it will pass with 75 percent of the vote because the city is "sex-positive."

The SAGE Project's Allen Wilson fears that the measure may prevail because the city has no shortage of rootless residents who "will vote for this because they think it's cool." For them, San Francisco is "one big sandbox."

Let me be clear. I don't want city cops wasting their time prosecuting workers at the discreet bordello that hires healthy adult prostitutes who get regular medical checkups. I would rather see law enforcement focus on serious crimes.

But there is nothing broad-minded about looking the other way when 14-year-old girls and boys sell themselves on the street and massage parlors are staffed by women who are being held against their will. These are not consenting adults.

Read the whole thing.

DUMB, Spelled With A Capital "D"

Bear attacks inside Anchorage have people on edge

Hey, Boo Boo!

A week ago, runner Clivia Feliz was attacked by a sow with two cubs in Anchorage's Far North Bicentennial Park. She had stopped to consider the orange sign with a bear silhouette that warns people way from Rover's Run trail, which follows a salmon-rich stream. But then she saw a bicyclist head down the trail, so she did, too.

...Six weeks earlier, 15-year-old Petra Davis was attacked by a grizzly on the same trail at about 1:30 a.m. while competing in a 24-hour bike race. She was hospitalized and treated for a crushed trachea and partially severed carotid artery.

Sinnott said he was surprised anyone thought it was a good idea to hold an all-night bike race in a park known to have bears and along a creek filled with salmon.


Vogel accuses Fish and Game of catering to "bunny huggers."

"I think the pecking order needs to be re-established with humans on top," he said. "What other city in the world has pernicious wildlife running around in its city parks?"

I can name one off the top of my head. You can indeed live reasonably safely around major carnivorous wildlife, just not if you're a compleat idiot. Then you just might start looking like a pick-a-nick basket.

Her Pound Of Flesh, Ounce By Ounce

Toby Harnden gets it:

The Clintons Are Here to Stay

Once more, who's the boss?

Denver shows every sign of being the Clinton show. Hillary has a prime-time convention slot on the Tuesday. Bill speaks on Wednesday, stealing the thunder of Senator Obama's veep pick. And now that Obama has caved into her demand for a roll call vote, Hillary will be center stage again on Thursday. So much for turning the page.

Fuelled by an unholy brew of victimhood and entitlement, Clinton's supporters threaten to steal the show at the convention. Don't be fooled by the sweetness-and-light joint statement released by the two campaigns. According to one member of Clinton's camp, Obama's "elbow was twisted"....

...But the deal Obama struck with Mrs Clinton must have stuck in his craw. The contention, moreover, that it was his idea that her name should be placed into nomination is an insult to our intelligence. By allowing the roll call, Obama has ceded control of what happens on the convention floor.

...Even the plan for the former First Lady to cast her own vote for her erstwhile rival and direct her delegates to swing behind the Illinois senator - being spun as a magnanimous gesture of unity - risks undermining Obama. Despite the closeness of the primary battle, he won the nomination; the image of Mrs. Clinton graciously anointing him is exactly what he does not need.

As, you know, foretold in the prophecies.... I repeat once again, when it comes to Hillary Clinton, love her or loathe her, but do not ever underestimate her.

Obama had the chance to cut a much more profitable deal for himself with Clinton immediately after he theoretically/mathematically clinched the nomination. As I have mentioned occasionally over the summer, the elements required for that useful deal do NOT seem to be falling into place. Key indicators are lacking. Clinton's campaign debt has not been paid off, and Clinton has not been out and about whole-heartedly stumping and fund-raising for Obama among the disaffected factions that went for her, and not him.

The Fine Young Cannibals have let triumphalism lead them into error. Clinton still has sway over a very large portion of the party, and she WILL collect her pound of flesh.

UPDATE: Others are beginning to get it as well. Welcome to the party, pals. It started months ago.

Welcome To The Hotel California!

Welcome to the hotel california
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the hotel california
Any time of year, you can find it here

Home Depot, Others Required To Make Day Laborer Shelters

Big-box, home-improvement stores in Los Angeles will have to set aside space for day laborers under an ordinance passed by the City Council on Wednesday.

...The shelters must be easily accessible and include drinking water, bathrooms, tables, seating and trashcans. The stores may be required to work with Los Angeles police in developing a security plan, according to the unanimous vote by the 15-member lawmaking body.

People who live near Home Depot stores have complained of day laborers drinking beer, urinating in yards or other unseemly behavior.

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network, a nonprofit group started in Northridge in 2001, supports the new requirements.

"It provides for safe and dignified hiring locations where contingent workers can defend their basic rights. It carefully balances the interests of business, residents, day laborers and their employers," said the group's executive director, Pablo Alvarado.

I'm speechless. For now, anyway.

[H/T: Rachel Lucas]

The New Denver Zoo Will Have Clowns

'Gitmo On The Platte' Set As Holding Cell For DNC

Send in the clowns...there ought to be clowns...

CBS4 News has learned if mass arrests happen at the Democratic Convention, those taken into custody will be jailed in a warehouse owned by the City of Denver. Investigator Rick Sallinger discovered the location and managed to get inside for a look.

The newly created lockup is on the northeast side of Denver. Protesters have already given this place a name: "Gitmo on the Platte."

Inside are dozens are metal cages. They are made out of chain link fence material and topped by rolls of barbed wire.

...Each of the fenced areas is about 5 yards by 5 yards and there is a lock on the door. A sign on the wall reads "Warning! Electric stun devices used in this facility."

Get the cattle prods ready, and do watch the video found at the article for some serious chuckles. Yes, yes. Gather 'round like cattle and ye shall be herd! ZAP. ZAPZAPZAPZAPZAP. Mooooooo!

What's amusing to me is that DPD seems to think that the facility's lack of amenities will be a deterrent when to this crowd it's a feature attraction. Nothin' oozes potential street activist cred like a stay at the Gitmo!

In other DNC/Denver news, one of the featured stars of the above-referenced video is Adam Jung, local leader of "Tent State University*" who has his own proposal for solving the Tent City/City Park permit denial problem. To avoid being involuntarily de-grunged in mass sprinkler-showers before being tossed en masse into the Gitmo on the Platte they plan to make a nightly trek to The Cage at the Convention Center, where they will continue their 24/7 protests by feigning sleep. (Really, you can't just make this stuff up. Well, you could, but the reality is even funnier and more original.)

Also of recent note is the finding of a potential terrorist dead in a Denver hotel with a large stock of an as-yet-unidentified white powder. One would think that would get more press. (UPDATE: The substance has been identified as a pound of sodium cyanide. The dead man has been identified as Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29, who is thought to have entered the US from Canada.)

Previous with back-linkage to much more previous

[*--which really is all about the tents and is in no way, shape, or form meant to refer to the events Kent State University many years ago. Psst! Wanna buy a watch?]

A World Upside Down....

Chris Muir Rocks

Is it just me, or is the Washington Post evidencing signs of reality focus?

Traditionally WaPo has always been more sensible and mainstream than, say, the New York Times, but in recent weeks I've found WaPo suddenly agreeing with me on certain key issues, such as energy. Witness this editorial today about offshore drilling:

'Snake Oil'
Debunking three 'truths' about offshore drilling

Read it for yourself. While I disagree with some of their posturing, their debunking of the enviro-Pelosi talking-point orthodoxy is refreshing.

(The cartoon above is tangential to the WaPo op-ed, but hey, Chris Muir rocks.)

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