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Submitted by The Editors on Tue, 05/30/2006 - 10:11am

Our bloggers:

Pat | Tully | Simon Dodd | Fern | Rafique

Our Mission:

Seeking truth in the burning fog of the blogosphere. This site is dedicated to thoughtful analysis and reasoned debate using verifiable and reliable sources and empirical evidence.

Our Rules:

Play nice and respect others. Opinions and debate are good, facts are better, name-calling and profanity/obscenity are Right Out. Please respect the fair-use provisions of copyright law. Copyright violations will be dealt with as we see fit, depending on the severity of the offense and our mood at the time. We reserve the right to mock those who regurgitate knee-jerk talking points without independent thought, who ramble off into irrelevant rant, or who mistake opinion for fact and evidence. Repeat or particularly offensive violators will be banned. Persistent and egregious trollery may result in open publication of your IP address and more. (You are NOT invisible on the Internet.)

Our policy on e-mails is opt-out. If you send an e-mail to our contact address, that is considered the submission of a writing to this site as set forth in our Copyright policy below. We may decide to publish it. If you don't want us to do that, you must say so in your e-mail. If you do make such a request, we will generally honor it, except in exceptional circumstances such as threats violence or exceptional vileness.


All posts, comments, and other writings are copyrighted by their respective authors, who are solely responsible for their content. We cannot possibly agree with everything posted in this forum or in the links on its pages. Overall site design and logo, as well as comments by "The Editors" are copyright by Stubborn Facts, LLC, 2006-present.

By submitting posts, comments, or other writings to this site, you grant Stubborn Facts, LLC and the editors of this site a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide license to display them, without further compensation, on this website ( and any associated directories and subdomains) and to refer to and quote from them, with attribution, elsewhere on this website. We reserve the right to delete some or all of your posts, comments, or other writings either by deletions or by partially obscuring (such as with strike-through characters) what you have written. We will not change the meaning of anything you write or otherwise put words in your mouth, but we may delete portions of your writings for any reason we deem appropriate, such as to remove obscenities. You may request that we delete some or all of your writings, but the decision whether or not to grant that request shall be at our sole discretion. Subject only to the license granted by the preceding, you remain the sole owner of the copyright of your posts, comments, and other writings submitted to this site.

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